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>> reporter: october 29th, 2012, super storm sandy makes its final turn slamming into the southern tip of new jersey packing wind gusts of nearly 90 miles an hour. roars up the new jersey coast damaging 72,000 homes and businesses washing away up to 40 feet of beach line as it moves. in new york severe flooding ignites electrical fires, destroying 120 homes. the storm surge in new york harbor measured at 14 feet, shatters record. streets. tunnels and subway system in lower manhattan disappear beneath the frigid wall of walter. up to 250,000 cars are destroyed. a seven block area of midtown manhattan evacuates as a crane is 90 stories up. 2 million households plunge into darkness. it is not until the following morning that the scope of sandy's destruction becomes tragically clear. second only to hurricane katrina, sandy is one of the most expensive storms in u.s. history and one of its most deadly. the power does return and the rebuilding begins. televised relief efforts. star-studded concerts, raised $90 million for victims. in january of this year the senate passes and president o
plan to open next month. sandy is here with live doppler 7 hd. sand why, snow falling. >> look at live doppler 7hd see the snow is coming down although it is tapering a bit. chain control right now on all roads leading to tahoe. i want to show you a picture this was sent absolutely glory from us squaw valley how beautiful this is. 10 inches of snow has fallen and still coming down when they isn't me the picture. now we lack at live doppler 7hd tracking showers around the monterey bay. i'll let you know when the cold showers moving out of town and how chilly it is going to get by morning when you 11 home. wake up weather and halloween forecast. >> thanks sandhya. >> new at 11:00. 10 people in hayward had to find somewhere else to sleep after car crashed in the apartment building. it happened around 3 this afternoon when speeding driver ran into 2 unit building jackson street and grant. building sustained so much damage no one can live there. no one was hurt, though. hayward police not responded to calls about whether that driver was arrested. >>> police in north bay warnin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2